WE are in the business of selling novels.

We are NOT, in any way involved in "INCOME OPPORTUNITIES" of any kind.

Is this the same Castle Publishing that sends out the "stuffing envelopes
No. Those are mostly SCAMS. Very few of them are anything more at ALL.
The ads make it sound like they are going to send you a bunch of envelopes, and a bunch of material to stuff into them.

In fact, they are building mailing list.

Usually they send you a flyer of some sort, which you have to get duplicated at your own expense. Then you have to find businesses that will allow you to set them out for distribution, which isn't an easy thing. OR, you can spend even more money and take out an ad in the paper.

The flyer that you're sent will promise people something if they will send a Stamped, Self-addressed Envelope to your house.  This is the part about how "postage and envelopes supplied - no addressing required" works.

After (IF) you collect a couple hundred of these SASE's, you send them in for your pay, and they reimburse you for the postage.

To make the deal even sweeter (for them), they often charge a "materials deposit" of around $30, so they'll '"know you're serious", which is refundable... but only after you've sent them your first 500 envelopes.

Of course, you aren't likely to get more than a dozen or so SASE's to send them. so they've wound up spending about $5 for postage and photocopying the flyer & instructions. In return, they have a neat $25 profit.

The stock market doesn't offer many deals that good. You invest $5 and get a $30 return within 60 days...

If you DO manage to actually send them hundreds of names, they're still ahead, because that gives them a "targeted mailing list" which they can sell for similarly-huge profits.

If you send out a flyer that says "Contact me if you're interested in good deals on hotel rooms", and you get replies back, those replies constitute a "targeted mailing list", as opposed to "a mailing list".

The targeted list can then be marketed to travel agents for big $$$, because everyone they send junk mail to has already told them that they tend to travel, increasing chances of a response.

So no, this isn't a Castle Publishing that has anything to do with envelope-stuffing schemes.

Unless you think you'd enjoy the scenario above, you'd do well to stay away from any of them. No matter what they say, you wind up at the bottom of the food-chain, one way or another.

The Envelope Stuffing mailing address (if they exist at all) is:

Castle Publishing  (A.P.L. Company)
7301 Burnet Rd.,  Suite 102-258,
Austin, Tx. 78757

The source of this address seems to also be a book of some kind, put out by

P.O. Box 3938
Cedar Park, Tx. 78630

We have been contacted by people who have, unfortunately, dealt with a company or companies, by the same name, but un-related to us, involving an "Envelope Stuffing" scheme.

Castle Publishing, at least THIS Castle Publishing, exists purely to publish and sell novels. We are not involved in any sort of "Income Opportunity".

Any reference to Castle Publishing which involves anything other than sales of fiction novels is referring to another company, or referring to us without our permission, AND INCORRECTLY.

From some of the people who have contacted us, we have gathered that the Castle Publishing which is in the Employment Opportunity Business is located in Austin, Texas (We are in San Antonio).